Jesus Christ is the beginning and end of all we do. In Jesus, we have all that we need in this world and through Jesus we live in Hope for the world to come.

Our School’s patron, St John the Evangelist calls us to Love one another. We are called to be prophets of the third Millennium, taking the Good News to the world so that others will come to know God, to love God and to serve God.

Our students inspire us to have Faith in God; relying totally on God as children rely on their parent for their needs.

We celebrate our spiritual whakapapa, our founders and ancestors who laid the foundations for who we are today. We remember with Gratitude the story of…

Tainui waka, manawhenua in this area of Otara.

Bishop Jean Baptiste Pompallier, First Catholic Bishop of Auckland

St Peter Chanel, proto-martyr of Oceania.

Our ancestors of Aotearoa, the Pacific and all parts of the world, particularly Holland.

The Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood, inspired by St Francis and St Clare of Assisi; first teachers of our school

St Mary Mackillop and Servant of God Suzanne Aubert, significant figures of the Church in Aotearoa. Two of our house patrons.

Cardinal Reginald Delargey, at whose invitation the sisters came to teach in Otara

The Assumptionist Fathers, first pastors of our parish.

The Priests of the St Joseph’s Missionary Society (Mill Hill Fathers)

The Society of Mary – Marist Fathers and Brothers

The Little Sisters of the Assumption

Lay staff; teachers and support staff who have nurtured Catholic education

St Francis of Assisi lived a life of simplicity, this simplicity challenges us to Care for all of creation and to have Compassion for the poor, the weak, the needy and the marginalised in our society.

Our school exists to be of Service to the Catholic communities of Otara and Clover Park. We are a point of Unity for the Catholic parishes of St John the Evangelist and St Peter Chanel. In partnership with our community, we protect and promote the teachings of the Catholic Church.

This means that :-

Our staff & Board of Trustees will…

  • Reflect Gospel values through words and actions in their daily lives

  • Support the special character of our school

  • Work and be supported towards achieving professional obligations and personal goals

  • Support and encourage our students to improve their skills, knowledge, and attitudes, to take the invitation to “have life to the fullest”

  • Provide learning programmes that meet the needs of our students and extend those students who need it.

  • Value the support of our parent and parish community

  • Celebrate the achievement, and other milestones of staff and students

  • Provide a safe, attractive, well resourced, well maintained learning environment

Our parents / caregivers will…

  • Support the special character of our school

  • Value education

  • Be supportive of our school by following school procedures

  • Be involved in their child’s education

  • Send their child/children to our school, well rested, well fed, and well prepared for learning

  • Be responsible for their children being punctual and attending regularly

  • Adhere to their enrolment obligations.

Our students will ..

  • Reflect Gospel values through words and actions in their daily lives

  • Display in their interactions with others, and in their behaviour the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, joy, respect, self-control, patience, peace, generosity, love, faithfulness,

  • Work towards achieving success commensurate with their ability